DRN ReadiTech G.O.L.F. Tournament Rules

Registration Information – Online registration will begin at 12:01PM on Tuesday, May 30, 2023 by going to the www.www.drnreaditechgolf.com website.  The tournament spots can fill quickly, so make sure to get your team registered early.  The registrations will close at 11:59PM on Monday, July 3.  The first 72 foursomes (288 golfers) will be accepted into the tournament.  You can select your preferred starting courses based on availability during registration.

The cost of the tournament is $90 per person.  A Saturday night buffet Steak supper is included in your registration fee.  Online entries can be done as foursomes, threesomes, or twosomes.  This note: Twosome entries may be paired with other twosome entries during play.  All online entries must be paid by credit card or PayPal.  You must include a complete three line address with a zip code for each registrant, along with an email address.

Tournament Information –
The tournament is Saturday, July 9th and Sunday, July 10th, 2022.  Golfers play 9 holes of individual stroke play golf at all four courses (Grand Rapids, Oakes, Lisbon, and Forman, ND) with the same foursome.  Saturdays rounds will be played at Forman and Lisbon, with Sundays rounds being played at Oakes and Grand Rapids.  The first round tee times on Saturday are 8:30AM or 11:00AM.  Second rounds will begin at 1:30PM and 4:00PM respectively. The first round tee times on Sunday are 8:00AM or 10:30AM.  Second rounds on Sunday will begin at 1:00PM and 3:30PM respectively.  Please be sure to check-in at the clubhouse at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled shotgun start time.  The tournament is open to men and women, 16 years of age and older.  There may be some road construction going on in the area, so please be sure to take that into consideration when traveling to the tournament.  Please call 511 for the latest road information from the State of North Dakota.

Prizes and Hole-In-One contest – We will honor an overall winner of the tournament and each flight will pay out the same number of prizes.  There is also a Hole-In-One contest where each course has a designated hole for the contest.  The first individual during the tournament to score a Hole-In-One at each course will win a new Club Car golf cart from All Seasons Motor Sports.  The hole-in-one contest is being sponsored by Farmers Union Insurance Agency’s from the area.  David Bergeman in Forman and Oakes, Tatum Brandt in LaMoure and Lance Gulleson in Lisbon.

Riding Carts – The cost of renting a riding cart will be $12 at each course.  Each of the courses has a limited supply of carts, so if you would like to rent a cart, you will need to contact each course to reserve.  You may bring your own cart for use during the tournament as well for no additional cost.  Each course has discretion to limit cart use during the tournament due to inclement weather or course conditions.

Rules – USGA Rules are in effect, with the exception of “Winter Rules” at all courses.  “Winter Rules” allow you to take a ‘Preferred Lie’ on a ball played that is in the fairway of the hole that you are playing.  To minimize slow play, we enforce a 9 stroke maximum per hole rule.  After your ninth stroke, you must pick up you ball and move on.

Mulligans-There are no mulligans.

Confirmation of Tee Time and Course Assignment
 – After registration, you will be sent a confirmation email that will show where you play and when you play.  This email will be sent to the group leader.  It is the group leaders’ responsibility to inform the other members of the group of the tee time and course assignment.

Shot Gun Start
– The Shot Gun Start System will be employed and it will be each golfer’s responsibility to be at the assigned tee at his assigned tee-off time.  Failure to do so could result in disqualification.  Please be on time, and start only at your assigned tee and keep play moving along.  Please be courteous and use good judgment.

Score Cards – The official DRN ReadiTech G.O.L.F. scorecards will be distributed at the Club House prior to tee off.  All cards must be turned in at the clubhouse immediately after each round is completed.  Official cards MUST BE USED.  Please check score cards for recent rule changes.  You are responsible for the addition, as well as scoring, on your card.  Please take extra time to ensure your totals are accurate before they are turned in.  They must be signed and attested.  If there are discrepancies between the hole scores and the total score on any card, the hole scores will take precedence in official score totals.

Women Golfers– Women golfers will play from the women’s tee, but will compete in regular flights. Also, the Women’s low scorer will be declared the Women’s Champion and receive an additional $100 prize in addition to any regular flighting prize.  The next Women’s low score will be the Women’s Runner-Up, and receive an additional $50 prize.

Senior Golfers
– For all golfers 60 and older, there will be a Senior Champion and Runner-up also recognized.  The Senior Champion will receive an additional $100 prize in addition to any regular flighting prize.  The next Senior low score will be the Senior Runner-Up, and receive an additional $50 prize.  Seniors will play from the Senior tees.

Overall Champion – The overall champion will receive a $300 prize, in addition to a regular flighting prize.  To be eligible to be the Overall Champion, you must play from the White Tees (Seniors or Women playing from those respective tees are not eligible for the overall championship).  You will be given the option to vie for the overall championship during registration.

Flighting– Straight flighting will be done on all 36 hole total scores (Seniors and Women’s included).  Your position in the tournament will be displayed at each course on Sunday morning, as well as on the www.drnreaditechgolf.com website after Saturday’s rounds.  Ties will be broken using the host course score (Forman), followed by the 2nd host course score (Grand Rapids), the 3rd host course score (Oakes), and the 4th host course score (Lisbon).  A hole by hole comparison of scores will be used next if needed.  Flighting is done by the tournament committee at the post tournament meeting.  Final unofficial scores will be posted on the www.drnreaditechgolf.com website immediately at the conclusion of the tournament.  If anyone has a question or possible change from the unofficial scores, the inquiry must be made within 24 hours of the conclusion of the tournament by sending an email to:  secretary@www.drnreaditechgolf.com.  Scores will become official 24 hours after the tournaments conclusion, with no changes being made after that.

– Marshals will be present on each course to enforce rules and to address slow play.  If you have question on course rules, ask the clubhouse or contact one of the marshals.

Course Phone Numbers – Grand Rapids – 701-883-4296, Oakes – 701-742-2405, Lisbon – 701-683-4510, Forman – 701-724-3411